The very foundation of the Sun Mullet is built upon the appreciation for sun protection with style. Together, we brave the outdoors with comfort, confidence and sunburn-free skin as we participate in our favorite activities and pastimes.

Your satisfaction is our goal. Here are some testimonials of fellow mullet-heads as they express the Sun Mullet experience in their own words:

“As a fishing guide captain, I spend my entire day exposed to the sun.  I have been applying traditional sunscreen all over my face and neck for years.  One of the things that always bothers me about having to do this is the greasy feeling all over my face.  Add in some heat, and the combination of sunscreen and sweat burned my skin, irritated my eyes and always made my sunglasses slide.  The Sun Mullet takes care of all of these annoyances for me.  Plus, it is so lightweight, I forget it is even on my hat.  I love the product.” -Capt. Erik Lancer – Commodore Inshore Fishing Charters

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