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According to the American Cancer Society, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States—with up to 90% being sun-related. Anyone who spends time outdoors inherits a risk of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, which have been linked to painful sunburn, accelerating skin aging and skin cancer.

Glad you asked! Research has shown that dense, tight construction minimizes the amount of UV light that can pass through fabric—therefore eliminating the risk of overexposure when worn. With this knowledge, we developed the Sun Mullet with material offering a UV-reducing ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50+, which keeps you cool and protected from harmful rays.

It’s fun, it’s stylish, and kids love it, all while keeping you safe and sunburn-free when working, playing or relaxing outside.

The Sun Mullet was designed and perfected for maximum effectiveness and your overall comfort. All of our products are guaranteed to give you 100% satisfaction, and your personal satisfaction means a lot to us. So, we proudly stand by our guarantee.

Many people associate sunburns and UV exposure to warm weather climates and locales. However, harmful UV exposure is greater and more dangerous at higher altitudes. Luckily, the Sun Mullet can be worn from the sand to the slopes! If you’re a skier or hiker, simply slip the Sun Mullet over—or under—your favorite wool hat or “beanie.”

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