How To Use The Sun Mullet

Multi-Use Design

The Original Sun Mullet is a multi-purpose shade that is a versatile head cover that protects from heat and dangerous rays, while also providing cooling action when wet. With how this product is made it can be worn many different ways, including as a face mask or neck gaiter. The Sun Mullet can be used with any head wear, offers max UV protection, and outperforms over the standard neck drape products.

We have many different applications to use the Sun Mullet to block out the harmful UV rays in whatever you do outdoors.

Ways To Wear Your Mullet

Having multiple uses for heat and UV protection is crucial for workers who spend long hours working outdoors. The Sun Mullet’s versatile design, with its multiple different ways to wear it on your head, offers the ultimate protection from the sun and its harmful UV rays in any situation. This versatility means workers can quickly adjust the Sun Mullet to meet their needs, whether they need to protect their face, neck, or head.


Here are all the ways the crews like to wear their Sun Mullets:

Over A Hat

Slide it over a ball cap and protect the back of your neck in mullet style.

Under A Hat

Stay stylish and wear the mullet under your hat to protect your neck.

Over A Hat Face Cover

Cover your whole face and hide from the sun. This mullet keeps you fully protected, and mysterious.

Under A Hat Face Cover

Get the mullet wet under your hat to get the cooling action going while protecting you from UV.

Neck Gaiter

Keep the sun off your neck with 360 degree protection and comfort.

Hard Hat Full Face Cover

Stay fully protected and cool while you are working on a job. Fits great and protects everything.

Protect Your Skin. Slay The Sun.

A Must Have To Battle The Sun's Harmful UV Rays!

The Sun Mullet works by blocking the sun’s harmful rays on an area often neglected by normal attire. Simply slip the Sun Mullet over your favorite hat, pair of shades or go native and enjoy the benefits of a safe, stylish outdoor experience—without exposing yourself to the risks of sunburn!

The Sun Mullet is a must-have for battling the sun’s harmful UV rays for several reasons:

The Sun Mullet provides coverage for the back of the neck and ears, which are common areas that are exposed to the sun and at risk of sunburn or skin damage.

The Sun Mullet can be worn in multiple ways, including as a face mask or head wrap, making it a versatile option for different activities and head gear.

The Sun Mullet has a unique feature that provides cooling action when wet, which can be beneficial for people who are engaging in outdoor activities in hot and sunny conditions.

The Sun Mullet is designed to provide maximum UV protection and is considered to be an improvement over traditional neck drape products.

The Sun Mullet can be added to any head wear, it’s lightweight and easy to pack, making it easy to take with you on the go.

The Sun Mullet is made of a soft and breathable fabric that ensures comfort, even when worn for long periods of time.

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